Welcome to the Link4Growth family!


Congratulations and a very warm welcome to the expanding Link4Growth community. 

Thank you for supporting Link4Growth. It is hugely appreciated and every contribution really does help us to bring the benefits of Link4Growth to more and more people.

As a ‘Friend of Link4Growth’ we would like to signpost you to some of the things you may like to do so you can really get under the covers of Link4Growth and be part of the L4G family.

Your Link4Growth Name Badge will have already started to be processed and we'll get that to you as fast as we can. Usually, unless we already know you, we would take the name from the payment information to put onto your name badge. If you think we may get that wrong, please let us know as soon as possible eg payment was in a business or maiden name.

As a Link4Growth member, you are entitled to 20% discount on all Link4Skills workshops (both on and offline) 

We would like to invite you to our closed and private ‘Friends of Link4Growth 'members' group

Its purpose is to provide a space where group members can connect and network with each other easily and also tap into the huge amount of knowledge amongst it's members. Please do request to join and one of our admin team will approve you.

If you are a business owner, you may also like to request to join our Link4Growth Marketplace also on Facebook.

All of us can only benefit from greater participation and larger communities, so please do let other people know about Link4Growth… let’s share the good news!


Kind regards,

Link4Growth Association Welcome Team