Behavioural Guidelines

The behaviours we practice…

As well as the 7 Principles, Link4Growth encourages a few behavioural guidelines. These guidelines help to give resilience to the community groups we grow, and underpin the vitally important principles of... we are all equal, all able to contribute, and all have value.

It’s a very simple idea, to bring people together to engage in conversation. The result of which culminates in a gathering of different personalities, styles, and types in a single space; either online or at a physical location.

Often there is an eclectic mix of people, some loud, some quiet, introverts, extroverts, bold, eloquent, charismatic, and surprisingly… many who prefer to just listen (for now) rather than engage.

There is no right or wrong, no agenda, just what works for the individual. We feel it is important however, that everyone gets a chance to speak if they wish and share whatever it is they feel they would like to say. 

To this end, and in order to encourage a safe environment where we can speak freely without judgement, we have adopted these very simple behavioural guidelines. 

  • Everyone is free from pressure to meet the needs or expectations of others
  • We encourage people to unfold their own lives, recognise we all have choices but that we must also take responsibility for the choices we make. 
  • We encourage people to enjoy conversations and share their thoughts when appropriate or invited to do so
  • The only right is that there is no right. Our perspective of the world is just that, our view. We can learn much from listening to those who have a different perspective.
  • Avoid telling people things just because you believe that they need to hear what you want to say
  • Develop the art of being curious, find out how you can help others without expecting anything in return

N.B. It is our collective responsibility to uphold these behavioural guidelines. We are all finding our way, moving forward, with the spirit of adventurers into a new future. None of us are complete nor perfect.. Let us offer up kindness and compassion with a double dose of humility on our journey together. This will take a herculean effort but we owe it to everyone to ensure we watch out for each other, and protect the principles and values from adverse behaviour.