Environmental Pledge

At the heart of the Link4Growth philosophy is living in harmony with the planet we live on.

We share this small blue dot of life in the vastness of space with a diverse range of different life forms, however, often we don’t behave like we understand that.

This planet can support all the life that exists here, but only if we recognise that all life has a right to be here, in all it’s beautiful and wide variety of manifestations.

Link4Growth supports this inalienable right of all living things, and additionally the concept of enough where we take only that which we need from this planet to live a happy life, whatever that is for each of us.

In recognition of this, the Association operates in the leanest way possible to conserve resources, and, wherever possible, reuses, recycles or repairs in preference to starting anew. We also use digital services rather than printing, or making unnecessary journeys.

Each year the Link4Growth Association funds the planting of an Oak tree sapling as a symbol of our commitment to the environment and ensuring that we replace that which we are consuming in the present time.

The Association also seeks to encourage natural products, services, foods and remedies believing that mother earth possesses many of the answers to support our well being. We also pay homage to the sciences and modern medicines recognising their importance in relieving pain and suffering.

The Association is a huge advocate of buying and producing locally, This not only enhances the strength of our local communities, but also reduces the wasted ‘miles travelled’ inherent within a centralised distribution model.

There is enough for everyone on our planet… if we support mother nature, we are convinced mother nature will look after us.

Link4Growth Oak Trees

To commemorate each anniversary of Link4Growth becoming an Association, we commit to contribute to the National Forest which is intended to grow to cover 200 square miles in the heart of England. Within the forest will be oak, lime, hazel, silver birch, rowan and wild cherry so our trees will be growing in a diverse living community and playing it’s own small part breathing oxygen into our air.

Why not contribute a tree yourself? Visit www.nationalforest.org for more information.