Association Elements

Link4Growth is not a new idea. It began life in 2011, and has been evolving ever since. It became an Association (owned by its members) on May 1st 2017, which means we are all now able to participate in its ongoing development.

Link4Growth is very light touch, encouraging us to connect and build relationships, cognisant that there are a myriad of different ways we could do that. Thus far through our existing members and previous experience, some ideas have already been created and are up and running...


Something that has evolved over time and fills the gap of being able to meet other local people with absolutely no agenda or alterior motive. These events enable us to connect with others, practice and develop our social skills, whilst engaging in conversation in a way that works for us as individuals. Open to all and totally inclusive. No fees to attend

More information can be found on the website


More and more people are now looking to alternate ways of living their lives, multiple income streams, and starting businesses is definitely proving popular these days . Whether this is a path forced on them or a conscious choice this is simultaneously both daunting and very exciting. Link4Business brings these business people together to share experience, knowledge, skills and expertise.

More information can be found on the website

Link4Growth doesn’t stop here though… 

There are so many brllliant ideas out there with people doing great work in the community and in business. Most of these will be initiated beyond the Link4Growth Association, but still connected to us through common connections and relationships. Many of us already support organisations like this, recognising that we are all heading in the same general direction.

We believe that a new kind of decentralised world can be created that knits together organisations that observe good moral principles, strong behavioural guidelines and have  great core values.