Something that could really transform our communities in the future is to once again recognise the inherent value in the different generations. We all have incredible value from our unique perspectives, we are all important, and we should all be able to contribute, irrespective of age.

Whether we are in the spring, summer or autumn of our lives we all possess vital elements of the “whole”, without which, the ideas and creativity for our future may be incomplete.

There will be much crossover for sure but which attributes do you feel you most identify and align with :-

Full of energy and ready to make a difference in the world

Enthusiastic and with loads of ideas to make the world a better place. This group have the longest to live in our new co-created future. With no limitations placed on ‘what could be’, or ‘what is possible’ we can support and nurture this consciously aware group to open the “box of opportunity” and adventure with no fixed plans to be all they can be. 

An uneasiness with the way things are and asking is there another way?

The world is changing, it is now different to before. Economic models and fixed ideologies are beginning to break down, and jobs / businesses no longer offer the certainty of yesteryear. Disillusionment and apathy could be forgiven for making an appearance.

There must be other ways, more fulfilling, more purposeful. Doing things that give meaning to our lives and make us happy, which are aligned with our own core values.

There must be others feeling the same way, but where are they? … How do we find each other, how can we co-create a different perspective and approach for life that works for each of us.

A knowing that we need to co-create a sustainable and different future

The way we live today is unsustainable and we desperately need to find new ways to solve many of the human challenges that are here today, and just around the corner in our imminent future. 

There is so much talent out there, with new ideas, adept at using the amazing technology we have. Surely all we need to do is bring people together, facilitate their connection, hook them up with the resources they need and set light to the ‘touch paper’ of their imagination, inspiration and enthusiasm.

The Link4Growth Association is dedicated to facilitating the connection across the generations and supporting the idea that if we all work together we can all “bring our best” to the table and co-create something really special that has never been done before.

We are all ready, the timing is perfect, we all have a reason to come together and collectively we have all the gifts we need to make it happen… what are we waiting for?