Principles of Link4Growth

When Link4Growth was first created there were some fundamental elements that were designed in.

That the organisation should stand apart as an entity on its own. Not measured or assessed according to the people and personalities caretaking its development and growth. People come and go. The organisation is here to stay.

In order to stand alone and fulfil this requirement a set of Principles were defined that underpin the organisation, its moral backbone if you will. The kind of principles that would be hard to refute, would stand the test of time, and be the kind you might associate with a “decent human being”.

  1. Everyone is important
  2. Everyone should be respected
  3. Everyone should be heard
  4. Everyone is on their own journey
  5. Everyone has value
  6. Everyone is equal
  7. Everyone should be able to contribute

N.B.   In our busy and often challenging lives, few, if any, can uphold these principles in their entirety. However, they are a guide, and a rock solid permanent reminder for what we strive to deliver through ourselves.