Welcome to the Link4Growth Association website

Here we hope you will find inspiration and ideas that could shape what happens next on your journey.

But first, imagine if you will...

  • being in conversations with open-minded people
  • co-creating projects with an equally passionate group of collaborators
  • learning new skills and putting them into practice with supportive friends
  • being nurtured and cared about by people wanting to see you succeed

Where can we go from here?

Link4Growth is a loose framework that enables people to come together in ways that work for them, who seek the above, who want something different, and would like to be amongst others who are on a similar path.

When we start to find things we care about, people we care about, and take responsibility for our actions and the contribution we make…  we give meaning to our lives - this is a way to build community. This is why Link4Growth exists, to encourage us to do this.

Link4Growth is founded on 7 principles that guide us, behavioural practices that help us to grow together, and a set of values that help us to focus on what is really important.

What people seem to need more than ever these days is conversation, connection and collaboration…

Wherever you are on your journey through life's great adventure, there is hope for everyone. Even though we are all unique, with different thoughts, goals, aspirations and dreams.

Our Greatest Challenge?

Some would say we are at a point in time where we face our greatest challenge, inequality, division, disconnection and much more.

What if we were able to share our thoughts, our hopes, and our aspirations. What if we empathised more, and sought to understand each other's perspectives. What if we united in a collective desire to create our future, not just accept what we are given.

We already have the answer, we live in them, our Communities. Perhaps all that we need to do is join the conversation… everyone of us is already “a part of” the community, and every voice is important, even yours!

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