Values of Link4Growth

If the Principles of Link4Growth are concepts we hold to be true, then the Values of Link4Growth are ideas that we hold to be important.

  1. Encourage people to take responsibility and give meaning to their lives
  2. Focus on People and Relationships, and recognition that these are the most important things in our lives
  3. We act as a catalyst for connecting and conversation
  4. Remain agile with no fixed plans, willing to experiment, and adapt with the “spirit of adventure” to new challenges 
  5. Show compassion, kindness and empathy to others as we are all connected and interdependent
  6. Every connection has value, through being curious we seek to uncover it
  7. Avoid judging others, everyone is doing the best they can
  8. Take only what we need from this planet, embrace the ‘concept of enough’
  9. Listening is the best form of communication
  10. Love unconditionally
  11. Give without expecting return
  12. Be happy for other people’s success
  13. The organisation is a dynamic, evolving representation of its members
  14. The organisation takes its inspiration from nature. Living in harmony with everything around us in a sustainable manner, and yet encouraging diversity that works for each community
  15. Encourage leaders that help others to lead and develop leaders
  16. Wherever possible we change the question from “where do we get the money to fund this?” to “how can we get this done without money?”

When we meet and connect we have the opportunity to practice and develop these values for ourselves and others.