Why is it such a low cost to be a ‘Friend of Link4Growth’?

By Chris Ogle on September 21st, 2018

I am often asked this question at Link4Growth events and during conversations. Having shared what Link4Growth is here to do and the rationale behind it mostly people are excited about what we are doing.

The series of questions that often precede the one above are : How is all this great work being funded? … is it a government initiative? … it is receiving funding from somewhere? … is there a big business behind it?

The accompanying answers are of course all : No … there is no funding from anywhere. The organisation is very lean, minimalistic and decentralised so not much money is required for its operation.

… I continue… the organisation is sustained (Funded) by the ‘Friends of Link4Growth’ … active participants, members and owners of the Association… the organisation is owned by its supporters. Anyone can become a ‘Friend of Link4Growth’ and help to ensure that we  continue to grow and make what we do available to all.

So how much is it to become a Member? … I sense in many people that they expect a large-ish number and when the amount of £3 per month is disclosed… the reaction is often one of disbelief… that’s not much… that’s just a cup of coffee…

So why is it just £3 ?

To answer this we must go back to the start of Link4Growth. The idea of Link4Growth is to make it totally accessible. For this the sum needs to be small so that literally everyone could afford to participate. Inclusivity, regardless of financial position or background was essential to the principles of Link4Growth.

Link4Growth is an organisation set up to focus on people and relationships. Money is not the heart of Link4Growth; people are. Link4Growth is not here to collect money and then saddle itself with the burden of how to distribute it. But it does need some money to pay for online services and administration activities which is where most of the money has gone to date.

Why we haven’t increased ‘Fees’

If you listen to traditional marketers, business development specialists and other business owners… many say Link4Growth membership is too cheap…

Many people believe that Link4Growth could up the Membership cost to £5, £7 or even £10 without significant detriment to the organisation, implying that it is leaving money on the table… but one must then ask why would the cost be raised? … for an organisation that seeks to serve, not collect money, why would it consider collecting more money than it needs?

The Human race is alone in its desire on this planet to consume more than it needs. Link4Growth extols the virtues of living in harmony with the planet and those around us… why not take just what we need? … so it is with Link4Growth… it maybe that there would be no noticeable impact of raising fees, but why? … when the organisation collects already what it needs… and as it grows it will collect enough for the size it becomes… Link4Growth is actually walking the walk… not just saying it!

The commitment

Whether Link4Growth membership is £3 or £33 per month… there is a decision about whether to ‘join’ the organisation. Actually the amount of money is often irrelevant… mostly people know after they have experienced it… they kind of ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ the essence of what Link4Growth stands for and feel very aligned to the principles and values that the organisation is founded upon… or… they don’t!

The £3 is really just a nominal sum that says… yes… I want to show my commitment to being ‘part’ of this… so that I can be counted amongst those ‘like minded people’ who want to contribute and give… it’s a welcome change to much of the rest of what is happening out there… Part of the £12 Link4Business subscription (£3) is actually allocated to becoming a ‘Friend of Link4Growth’.

Chris is passionate about community and has been involved with Link4Growth and community building since the start in 2012. Chris now devotes most of his time to facilitate connection, collaboration and community in the district of South West Herts as well as supporting the Link4Growth Association.

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Chris Ogle