What brought you to Link4Growth?

By Chris Ogle on January 24th, 2019

It’s a question I often ask people when I meet them at a Link4Growth event for the first time. It is surprising the wide variety of answers that I hear too.

Of course there is no one answer because everyone’s situation is different. Some might have only just seen something online and it is just down the road (and free) so they come along to just see what it is about. Others might have been following the organisation for ages and finally there is something they can get along too. Every situation is different.

What unifies all those that come along though is that they are searching for something, and this is when things become interesting.

If you are a Link4Growth Associate or regular at events, ask yourself why did you come along for the first time? … what were you looking for? … did you find it at Link4Growth?

If you are still there then probably you either found what you wanted or… potentially you found something even more valuable that you didn’t even know was missing until it was right there in front of you… that happens!

Below I have listed some of the reasons why people ‘go out of their comfort zone’ and attend Link4Growth in some capacity… (this is not an exhaustive list I am sure)

  • Things are not working out (either in business, socially, or maybe just generally)
  • Loneliness (would like to actually meet some new people)
  • Friendship (friends are really important)
  • Want to get more connected with what is happening around them
  • Want to be introduced to other people in business
  • Looking for some knowledge or someone who can help with a problem
  • Just moved to the area and don’t know anyone
  • Feel like they want to make a contribution to society and Link4Growth might open doors
  • Been recommended to attend by a friend
  • Read up online, website, facebook or blogs and like the sound of what Link4Growth is doing
  • Not happy with some other events they have attended and Link4Growth sounds different
  • Know someone who is part of Link4Growth and have heard good things about it
  • In business and it’s an opportunity to network without spending lots of money
  • You have information about a local charity / community group and want to share with other local people


There are so many reasons why people come to a Link4Growth community event as you can see by the answers I have already managed to illicit. But… and it is a big but… although Link4Growth can provide solutions for all of the above this is only the start.

There is so much more to Link4Growth once people begin to ‘be present’ at events. Link4Growth is like any other ‘Practice’ … the more you put in the more doors that seem to open.

Link4Growth is just a vehicle… a platform, that facilitates the opportunity to meet others local to you (and beyond… through the forum and social media) … it isn’t here to make a profit from you … it is here so that you can profit (not necessarily financially) from meeting, listening, learning, sharing, connecting, inspiring and being inspired through the services Link4Growth provides…


Chris is passionate about community and has been involved with Link4Growth and community building since the start in 2012. Chris now devotes most of his time to facilitate connection, collaboration and community in the district of South West Herts as well as supporting the Link4Growth Association.

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Chris Ogle