Link4Growth is not a sales platform, but people do buy…

By Chris Ogle on October 26th, 2017

Over the years that Link4Growth has been around we have learned a huge amount through observation and experience.

Many people come to Link4Growth primarily because it is viewed as a low cost business networking opportunity. What they find is that there is no 60 second round… no presentations… and people are just talking to each other, often on subjects which have nothing to do with business.

People are not invited to sell… why? … because no one is buying anything at events anyway.

People in general buy or refer people they like. For people to like you we have to get to know them. That happens through… yes… you’ve guessed it… having conversations (without selling).

Impatience in the activity of networking is probably the number one factor for people concluding it doesn’t work. If you attend networking with the attitude of what can I give or contribute… and the mission to be a fabulous detective and ‘discover’ in what way you can help others… it will turn everything around for you.

Some who attend Link4Growth events are never seen again… it’s all a bit wooly and ‘non businesslike’ for them and there are plenty of organisations that provide the more established approach to networking.

Others… well they begin to see that through helping each other… through sharing our combined knowledge, experience, skills, creativity and personal networks we build a strong community which is based around serving, supporting and nurturing each other… so in actual fact we all win. Networking is so much more than direct business… but who can put a price on ideas, recommendations, friends, support, great connections and the group energy from people who care…. it’s not common out there.. but it is a very good idea!

Link4Growth is now an Association… it is owned by ‘the friends’ of Link4Growth (that’s just regular people like you and me) who have been ‘a friend’ of Link4Growth for 14 months plus…

Link4Growth’s sole purpose is to provide a set of proven tools that help faciliate people coming together to connect. That’s it! What happens after that is up to us and it depends on who, what, where, how and of course conversations. That’s where we all come in!!

Link4Growth was never about organising events to make a profit, the model of free attendance isn’t suited to that. It’s about organising events so that the whole diversity of our community can come together, bring their unique skills, experience and talents and all succeed… no competition, no lockout, there is enough for us all. Once people get to know you, and the “value” that you bring to the community referrals will begin to come your way.

There really isn’t any other agenda with Link4Growth, and that’s quite refreshing…

Chris is passionate about community and has been involved with Link4Growth and community building since the start in 2012. Chris now devotes most of his time to facilitate connection, collaboration and community in the district of South West Herts as well as supporting the Link4Growth Association.

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Chris Ogle