#L4G Hour returns – Bringing people together regardless of location

By Nikki Pepper on January 6th, 2020

Way back in 2013, a small group of Link4Growth members got together and ran a monthly ‘Twitter chat’ called #L4GHour.

 Anyone can facilitate a Twitter chat and anyone can participate in one. 

Since it dropped off the radar, apart from having a revival for a time in 2017, nothing else has really brought people together regardless of location in the same way that our Twitter chats did.

So how does it work?

A Twitter chat, is an open conversation on Twitter which anyone can find and participate in by following and using a hashtag. Ever spotted a hashtag on a TV show? For example  #WorldCup #RoyalWedding #Countryfile? If you have a Twitter account and posted a tweet including a popular hashtag, then you can be part of a much bigger conversation and your visibility increases to anyone else following that same hashtag…

So why are we doing this?

It is zero cost and can be a fun way to bring lots of like minded people together regardless of location. If you are familiar with the ethics and values of Link4Growth, you will know that we are people and relationships centric and this brings opportunities to connect with others.

What are the benefits of participating in Twitter chats?

By engaging in a Twitter chat, you are likely to pick up new followers, new connections, learn about other people participating, perhaps sharpen your Twitter skills. Perhaps this will be the first time you have ever used Twitter? Typically others in the chat will want to find out more about you and will look at your Twitter profile… and they may well want to start a conversation about something they have seen on your profile or your posts?

When do these happen?

Each month there will be two Twitter chats which will be led by a small team of Link4Growth members.

One will be in the daytime and one will be in the evening… 

You can find out the dates of the next ones via our facebook page however, they will be on the second Tuesday of each month between 8pm-9pm and the fourth Monday of the month, during the day 2pm – 3pm. 

We look forward to tweeting with you soon!

Nikki stepped up to start her first Link4Growth event back in spring 2012 and from the start, took a very keen interest in systems and processes. A quick learner, Nikki soon took on the role of District Leader for Cambridgeshire and additionally took the role on as National Network Support from 2014.

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