Be a Friend of Link4Growth

The Link4Growth Association is a loose framework designed to inspire people to come together and co-create whatever it is that we want to see for ourselves, our families and the communities in which we live.

Through the ‘Associate Members’, their collaborators, and others that start to get involved, we can co-create a rich mosaic of community centric projects that can be knitted together to really change our world. The more of us that there are, the more wide reaching the projects, the more comprehensive the solutions... and... faster the changes.

Would you like to be part of this really positive and exciting initiative? Why not join the Association, get invited into the various online groups and let’s support you, to begin creating change where you are.

Please choose from one of the joining options below and we’ll invite you to connect to the online network.

NB: Whether paying monthly or annually, the payments are recurring until stopped. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Link4Growth monthly membership

£3 a month via direct debit

Link4Growth annual membership

£33 per year via direct debit (one month free)

As a thank you for becoming a friend of Link4Growth, we’d like to offer you a few ‘friends’ benefits!

  • 20% discount off all of our Link4Skills workshops, courses and trainings! 
  • Access to ‘Friends of Link4Growth’ closed and private facebook group – ‘Friends’ can request to join here
  • Have products or services you’d like to promote? You can request to join our Link4Growth ‘Marketplace’ here
  • The Legendary Link4Growth name badge!

Once 14 months have passed since first becoming a ‘Friend of Link4Growth’, you will also become Link4Growth Associate (part owner) All current associates are listed here (Updated monthly)

N.B. Your monthly contribution enables the Association to build, update, maintain the websites and to manage the admin. The Link4Growth Association does not seek to make money and is a ‘Lean’ organisation with minimal costs. It follows one of the key values of Link4Growth, the ‘Concept of enough’; to take only that which is needed.