Great Reminder

By Nikki Pepper on September 3rd, 2019

When growing something like Link4Growth, day in, day out, it’s easy to get a little bit blase about what it is we are doing.

Days run into weeks and weeks into months, then inevitably into years. It’s very easy to lose sight about what is being achieved and the value and power of what we are creating.

Link4Growth is about bringing people together, having conversations with no agenda and enabling people to just open themselves up to whatever might happen.

I have been reminded recently of the real power in this inclusive approach by how through bringing people together, magical things begin to happen through connection and communication.

One great example is that people can begin to venture out and develop their communication and confidence by simply talking to others. This helps those who may have suffered loneliness, depression or some other form of mental condition to steadily practice with others who will support and not judge.

It is rewarding to observe how people grow in confidence and and to watch how these new friendships blossom and grow beyond our Link4Growth events. It really can’t be emphasised enough, the importance and value of a support network around all of us.

It’s a good feeling to know that for many, we are making a difference to peoples lives and who knows how far that ripple carries and touches the lives of others.

Nikki stepped up to start her first Link4Growth event back in spring 2012 and from the start, took a very keen interest in systems and processes. A quick learner, Nikki soon took on the role of District Leader for Cambridgeshire and additionally took the role on as National Network Support from 2014.

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Nikki Pepper