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By Nikki Pepper on October 22 2017

Before Link4Growth became an Association on 1st May 2017, we invited those who would like to support the organisation by becoming a ‘subscriber’. We are now replacing the ‘Subscriber’ with ‘Friend’ of Link4Growth

On the face of it, nothing has changed, apart from a name.

To ‘join’ Link4Growth still costs £3 per month as it has been from day one. It is not compulsory to ‘join’ to attend Link4Growth events and there are still ‘membership benefits’ such as 20% discounts off all Link4Skills workshops and trainings, personalised magnetic name badge, inclusion into closed facebook groups etc

What has changed though, apart from the words used… From ‘Subscriber’ to ‘Friends of’ is that it better reflects the purpose of Link4Growth… To ‘rebuild communities’ that ‘people matter’ and genuine long term friendships are made through Link4Growth.

Over the years, often we’ve heard the question ‘What do I get for my money if I join?’ Well, yes that’s a fair and valid question… It’s not really why we offer ‘membership benefits’ though. Link4Growth offers ‘extras’ as a thank you to those who like what Link4Growth are doing and would like to contribute and play a part in some way.

Also from 1st May 2017, anyone who has been contributing to Link4Growth for 14 months consecutively automatically becomes a part owner of Link4Growth… an Associate.

Without our ‘Link4Growth Friends’ contributing just a small amount each month, Link4Growth would not be able to to grow and expand.

If you would like to become a ‘Friend of Link4Growth’ and contribute £3 per month… Please visit the ‘Join Link4Growth’ page and we look forward to welcoming you to the family

Nikki stepped up to start her first Link4Growth event back in spring 2012 and from the start, took a very keen interest in systems and processes. A quick learner, Nikki soon took on the role of District Leader for Cambridgeshire and additionally took the role on as National Network Support from 2014.

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Nikki Pepper