Frequently Asked Questions

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Link4Growth commenced in its current form in 2012. There has been many false starts and blind alleys and lots of lessons learned, which has culminated in what it is today. Link4Growth began life in its new form as an Association from May 1st 2017 with all subscribers over 14 months being automatic part owners of the organisation.

Link4Growth is not for profit. It’s purpose is to provide a solid starting approach to sustainable community building (of all types), empowering people to ‘find their own way’, and to journey towards happier lives.

The recognition that community has been breaking down for decades due to a variety of factors. We have never been more connected technologically and yet as people we have never been more disconnected. We are more wealthy in terms of possessions and yet more people are unhappy. Stress, depression and other psychological conditions are at an all time high. Many not only feel helpless but hopeless too.

Something is not working, and many of our challenges of today are from the breakdown of community, meaningful connections and strong relationships. Link4Growth provides an approach and tools that help to reverse these trends.

The transition basically means that Link4Growth is no longer a Limited Company. More than this, it is now an association owned by its members. This means that it cannot be closed down by any 3rd part body (taken away from us) … it is completely independent from any government involvement, the charity commission, or business organisations.

This is important because this is our collective organisation. When we connect with other local people we are doing so in the knowledge that each hour we spend is invested in something that will be here for a long time. It is a completely sustainable model where each of us is able to play our part in rebuilding local community in whatever way works for us.

The main Link4Growth Association acts like an umbrella over the 5 elements contained within it. Link4Community, Link4Business, Link4Skills, and the PHS (people’s health service).

Link4Growth is an inclusive organisation open to anyone that wants to meet new people. All are welcome. Check our inclusivity page

There are a variety of different ways to join in… 

  1. Get in touch and attend one of our many events, mostly these are free to attend
  2. Become a “Friend of Link4Growth” for £3 per month
  3. If you run a business, you can join our business community for £12 pcm

We are also interested in hearing from organisations who operate similar principles, values and behavioural guidelines as we do, or who are interested to find out more about how they perhaps could align with them.

Link4Growth is owned by its Associate Members. These are individuals who are current members of the association and have been for +14 consecutive months.

Link4Growth is an Association and as such is not permitted to have assets (except the bank account with which it operates). The Association has no Debts or Assets.

There is a small group of Associate Members (+14 months membership) who meet regularly to agree any changes or adjustments on behalf of the association and its members.

Anyone who is an Associate Member is entitled to request attendance at these meetings. There is no voting. All decisions are made by consensus. 

If you would like to discuss how Link4Growth could be started in your area then do fill in the contact us page, leave your details and someone will email / call to discuss your idea.