Everyone is important

By Chris Ogle on October 8th 2021

The first of the 7 principles of Link4Growth is that everyone is important. You might easily agree with such a statement when reflecting on someone we have lost, a close friend, or family member, but what is the deeper meaning behind this statement?

We only know an infinitesimally small amount of what is going on in this world. We have no idea what is going on in other people’s lives or the interdependencies that exist between all other people. So the platinum rule is “treat people how you believe they would wish to be treated”.

Now here is an interesting thought. What do we consider important means in the context of the above? Is it that we believe they have some position or other which makes them important? … or could it be that compared to ourselves we think they are in some way ‘better’ than us therefore more important… or do we weigh them up by their money, clothes, looks, speech… job?  and therefore somehow hold them in higher regard?

Anyway… how can everyone be important? … where are the minions?

You might be reading this post and saying to yourself what a 1st class hypocrite, you don’t even do this yourself!

The “7 Principles” if we revisit them often, help us to question ourselves and perhaps through frequency adjust our behaviours, and make new habits which could serve us better… Maybe the thought process will be: when I start seeing better in others I might attend to myself. These principles are tough… they aren’t easy… working on our own thinking rarely is.

What underpins Link4Growth is 7 principles, this being the first. It might be the first time you have heard of them. You might have read them, and dismissed them as unnecessary or some religious babblings or other, which are irrelevant to you.

Your relationship with these principles is yours and yours alone, to do with as you wish, but it might be comforting to know that behind the organisation is something that is positive, helpful and good for community, society in general, and the people we meet.

Chris is passionate about community and has been involved with Link4Growth and community building since the start in 2012. Chris now devotes most of his time to facilitate connection, collaboration and community in the district of South West Herts as well as supporting the Link4Growth Association.

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Chris Ogle