Could you facilitate people coming together?

By Nikki Pepper on January 17 2018

While the purpose of Link4Growth is to ‘rebuild communities’ through conversation, one of the vital roles in helping to achieve this, is that of a Link4Growth event host. The host facilitates the event by enabling people to come together in an atmosphere that is free from any pressure to meet others’ needs or expectations. In other words just be themselves.

People will often ‘do their own magic’ in the right environment and Link4Growth events should be friendly, helpful and supportive.

Link4Growth events are not ‘business networking events’ however business owners are always welcome! Link4Growth events are open to everyone in the local community.

A Link4Growth event host should have the following qualities:

  • They like people
  • They like helping others
  • They can liase with the venue of their choice about their regular event
  • Share and promote the event to those in the local area
  • Be familiar with Link4Growth and its many ways that people can participate
  • Have some basic computer skills to perform some repeat processes (typically totalling around 3 minutes before and after each event)
  • Be a ‘Friend of Link4Growth’

Who might be interested to bring people together to have conversations?

Many of our Link4Growth event hosts are business owners who often have the flexibility to be at daytime events. (Although we also have evening events too!) They are often already using social media to build a personal network of people and understand the value of connecting and building relationships with others in the local area.

Not to be confused with ‘trying to sell’ to new contacts, but do consider how most of us naturally ask our ‘personal network’ for recommendations or advice? ‘Where is the best place to go for a meal out?’, ‘Can you recommend a good, local mechanic’…

There is no script or agenda at Link4Growth events… Just people being able to connect in a relaxed and supportive environment…

Could this be you?

You can read more on our ‘Start an Event’ page on our website or email

Let’s work together and see what magic can happen in our own communities!

Nikki stepped up to start her first Link4Growth event back in spring 2012 and from the start, took a very keen interest in systems and processes. A quick learner, Nikki soon took on the role of District Leader for Cambridgeshire and additionally took the role on as National Network Support from 2014.

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