11 things every excellent connector (networker) does

By Chris Ogle on December 9th, 2019

Connecting people together is the lifeblood of growing communities. Bringing someone that has a problem together with someone that has a solution (or is a route to that solution) is what life is all about. Money is often thought of as the thing that makes the world go around, in reality though, I believe it is people & relationships (i.e. connections) that do that.

Connectors are in huge demand. They are problem solvers, “go to people”, they make things happen and often quickly… and probably most importantly they create mini communities of like minded people. These small groups get projects started and very often without the need for money. Connectors are often ‘influential’ because of one very big trait that they share. More on that later.

We can often substitute money, with, people who are willing to contribute, which is really important in these uncertain times of the 21st century. If people have knowledge, skills, experience, connections, and, most importantly, the same passion for whatever the initiative is, things can move really quickly. By the way, if people have money to contribute (and want to as doing their bit) it can be an additional catalyst to speed things up, but is not essential. 

So how do you know if you are a great connector? … what is it that great connectors do that makes such a difference?

  1. Connectors ask how can I be of service and help others? Great connectors don’t look at what they can get from any engagement. They seek to find out in what way they can serve others
  2. Listen.  Connectors are attentive and active listeners. They want to understand every morsel of information because this is where the answer to point no. 1 lies.
  3. Curious and interested in people. Connectors have insatiable curiosity. This isn’t being nosy, far from it. Every single person has something going on in their life which could do with a solution. Connectors are like “signposts” to solutions and are seen as the “go to people” for answers.
  4. Connectors look for similarities. Connectors store vast amounts of information about people. They are like a huge matching service. Whether it be for business or on a personal level, connectors easily spot where synergies exist and are quick to sew the connections together.
  5. Create and Innovate bridges. Connectors are often inspirational creative people. They see how connections could work, how people are likely to get on, and innovate ways that connections could work.
  6. Story creators. Connectors are gifted story tellers. They are able to share the benefits for each person in a potential introduction before connecting. After the connection has taken place, often, way more opportunities exist than first thought.
  7. Facilitate Introductions. The connector has often a diverse knowledge of communication techniques and will have identified how best to bring people together. This could be face to face, or any number of online platforms whichever the connector identifies as the most suitable in this instance.
  8. Expect nothing in return. The “master” connector has already become comfortable with the idea that “help enough other people, then what you seek will necessarily be delivered too”. They do actually receive something magical… covered in point 11. What makes a *master connector so influential is their observable selfless desire to help others.
  9. Puts People & Relationships as priority number 1. To a *master connector there is nothing more important than People and relationships. The very fabric of society could be turned on its head if we spent more time in this area rather than just our endeavours to accumulate wealth and material objects… and so much more satisfying
  10. Connectors are fun to be around. Connectors are happy weaving their magic and consequently are fun people in any group setting. They are however often difficult to speak to as they are often surrounded by others.
  11. Love seeing their work evolve. The reward for any great connector is seeing the results of their work blossom. Whether it be a business introduction, for personal reasons, or just that the people involved will get on like a “house on fire”, the connector loves watching seeds grow and to know they had a huge part in enabling that to happen.

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* Master connector, is a connector who has years of experience connecting people

Chris is passionate about community and has been involved with Link4Growth and community building since the start in 2012. Chris now devotes most of his time to facilitate connection, collaboration and community in the district of South West Herts as well as supporting the Link4Growth Association.

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